The Beautiful Journey Of Amal Academy

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
2 min readJun 12, 2021


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

Unforgettable journey begins

Remembering the first two weeks of Amal, at first, I didn’t know that how will be the tenure, many different opinions were in my mind, different anxieties overflowing on me, from the phase of depression, nothing seemed good for me. But there was some hope that this course will bring me out of this phase so I gathered all of my energy and enrolled for the first course of the very first week. I felt amazed that the course was entirely what I needed the most, which was Living a life of purpose, which I think was the best start and the best course of the whole journey. It was about the quality that I lacked. It was so mesmerizing for me that I took admission and got selected on this wonderful platform.

Time passes by, still, I remember Maam Jacqueline words in the TED talk about the Life Of Immersion and the movie which I several times watched The Pursuit Of Happiness, so from these little things I learned a lot about the life that what should be the mindset we should have of looking at the things.

The moment I got selected yayyy !!

When I got selected for the Amal academy, I made up my mind that I will give all of my energy and time to complete the course, polish my soft skills, get out of my comfort zone, and bring a better out of me.

So, this was our first time group meeting and we were all excited for it. We share about our lives, experiences and many many more things. Also, we discussed our SMART goals and we enjoyed the conversation ❤