Taking Flight

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
3 min readJun 19, 2021


The 13th of June 2021 will be marked as when my beautiful journey with the wonderful Amal Academy comes to an end, where we laughed, cried, talked, discussed, argued, and much much more. Our last session was so much great that we can't forget it, we planned a single dress code i.e black dress for that day, and showing the thank you and appreciation posts from the whole Batch-189 taken the beauty to the skies. Our facilitator Sir Saad and Ma’am Fizza was really amazed and happy about that :)

Fellows showing their love ❤

In these beautiful 3 months, we eventually became like a family, we share almost everything among us without any fear of judgments and we were so much comfortable with each other and we supported each other to achieve the short and long-term goals we have.

Talking about the last week, we didn’t have any specific course to complete, so we had a wonderful time getting to know more about each other and interacting more with our facilitators. So, it's the best session we had, and one of the best activities we had was ‘SCAVENGER HUNT’. It was a fun activity in which we have to solve the riddles and upload a selfie with the object we have. I really enjoyed that forgetting that it was our last break-out room. After the activity and coming back to the main session, there was a counting of the maximum points for both teams A and B. Team A won by the way:D

Hurrayyyy ! We all are graduated ❤ ❤

We really enjoyed the session, also we had an overwhelming feeling that we will not have these sessions in the next weeks, but the most important traits that we learned from the Amal Academy like Khudi, Kaam kaam aur kaam, ek aur ek gyara and many more will remain in ourselves, and when we apply these values to anywhere in our upcoming life, will reflect this beautiful journey and the hard work of our facilitators ❤

Connecting the hearts by Appreciation Padlet ❤

I was wanting to have some activity where we can share what we feel about each other. So Luckily, Ma’am Fizza shared this amazing padlet with us during the session where the fellows shared their feelings for the facilitators and fellows.

“In every ending, there is a new beginning.” ― Deborah Harkness, Shadow of night.

Carrying the teachings of Amal Academy inside me, with making new friends, opening the new journey of my life. I will miss the entire journey and the loving peoples I have, and the way that how Amal Academy improved my empathy, gratitude, how to be a lifelong learner, how to have SMART goal and the list goes on…..

I am sure that I will be in contact with my facilitators and fellows, and will try to best to enhance this friendship more and more InshaAllah ❤

Signing off,

Ahmed Murtuza Ali.