Reflecting My Amal Journey

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
4 min readJun 5, 2021


Life is all about the starting and end of the events. There are many experiences in our life that we look back taught us some good, influential while some are really bad and we don’t try to think of it more. Amal Academy, a place which I applied to a year back, not get selected as didn’t fill the form in the right manner. There was something resides me that I have to apply for the next year it, and when I get to know about the online admission, I rushed toward my laptop, filled the form with all of my heart, and one day got an email that I was selected which I can't express how I felt like ❤

Now, as this beautiful journey coming to an end, I am memorizing how much scary, shy and unconfident I was to give the interview, and how I collect all of my confidence to give the interview for the very first time. After the selection, facing our facilitators and my fellow fellows, When I got more and more confident and comfortable to speak among 60 to 70 people, I still can't believe that how I did that. Those wonderful interactions, those WhatsApp chit-chats with the best fellows, sharing our life moments, get to know each other, helping with full enthusiasm, reminding the responsibilities to each other, from making fun of each other to taking care and sharing the feelings of each other, our lives will never be the same as it was during the fellowship. Except the beautiful memories and learning that we took from the fellowship

During the fellowship, some of my days were very most enjoyable, completing the pws on or before the time, submitting it, was the best feeling, and sometimes, completing it at the eleventh hour was one of the overwhelming and anxious feelings that I can't forget. But during both situations, I learned so much that whatever in the state you are, just push yourself up, not give up, avoid procrastination, leave your comfort zone, and just do it.

Moving on from the month of March to May, during the hot-scorching sunny days, I was always waited for the weekends to end, so that I can have those sessions where I can groom and self develop myself by all of the activities, fellows interactions, small breakout rooms where all participants helped each other, Working on megaproject, the interactive and spiritual fundraising for the cause of humanity for Edhi foundation.

This is not much related to the session but still connected to the fellowship and helpfulness, I remember that I was stuck with Amal’s teachable and Gmail's password, I messed up both the passwords that I was not able to find a solution from my side. Helplessly, I asked Sunaina, she was so kind and helpful in nature, she told me different ways to tackle this situation and she put all of her efforts to synchronize both of my accounts but my problem was still there. I am so much thankful to her that she wanted to help me out. Next day, when different Whatsapp groups were made, and 7–8 fellows were distributed in a separate group to interact. I contacted Mariam Azam, who was in my group, she was so kind when I asked her about the problem, she was ready to help me and told me to follow the steps, changing and resetting the password, and setting the very first password that I had. Unluckily again this didn’t work, I was so much confused at that time that how will it be solved and after some time, she told me that I haven’t even changed my teachable’s password, On checking it, I was like how this can happen :D that I even not changed my password and I was just putting different passwords on it.

I had no words how to express my gratitude to her, just I thanked her in a polite way, still, I felt that I didn’t thank her in a most better way. Fortunately, she was (and still) in my group, we both interacted whenever I got any problem, and she helps me out with her best attitude.

My Amal family; I love them all ❤

So, in the end, Goodbye is a very hard thing for me to do. I would like to thank Swaiba, Khadijah, Azeem, Bushra, Muneeb, Zunair, Hasan, Sara, Mahnoor khalid, Wajahat, and all my fellow fellows who interacted with me or not, I can't mention all the names here, but you all guys are super amazing, you all have so much talent and enthusiasm inside you that you can achieve what you wished for. Maam Fizza and Sir Saad ut all their efforts to help us to learn all the soft skills we needed the most, a very big thanks to them from the core of my heart. After graduating from this batch I will still be a part of this amazing organization that helps everyone build themselves stronger. In these 3 months, I got to know that how talented everyone was and that also inspired me to be who I’m today by making me a better person and a strong individual.