Maximize Productivity by Pomodoro Technique

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
4 min readApr 16, 2021

Usually, during the all-day tasks, like doing Amal’s course; commenting on the lectures, and performing another task, I find myself so much procrastinating which is due to many sorts of distractions like somebody called me up to do other work, pick someone up, go out and buy grocery and sometimes called me to check the wifi of my parents' phone that it's working or not, unnecessary rests, Facebook and Instagram swiping; WhatsApp chattings, youtube random videos and much more distraction which usually I face during my day

This procrastination effect happens to all of us around, and very some of us have the ability to overcome this. Every week, in this fellowship, we got many lectures and we have to comment on this, DIY activities that we have to perform, and certain blogs which I postponed to the very deadline time, till before uploading it to Google Classroom. Most of my Amal fellow are university student, most of them are in the final year of their respective field and universities, they get more hectic assignments and projects, and if they procrastinate so ending up with not so good marks, which could bring disappointment for them when they do not get a scholarship, and admission in a prestigious university for Master program

Pomodoro technique can sort out this problem

To eliminate this problem, I found a technique that was suggested by Amal Academy, and called as “Pomodoro technique”. Firstly, I was so unfamiliar with this technique and found it much difficult to follow.

But after reading all of its steps, understanding all of them, I found it the most interesting and ready to apply this technique to every task of my day. In which we will use a timer breaking a larger task into subdivided activities, which will be of 25 minutes. After the time end, we have to give ourselves any reward for it and take a break for 5 minutes. This process will be continued four times, we will take a long break comprising of 20 minutes

I find this activity so much interesting that I decided to apply it first of all to my reading habit. As I find that my reading habit is not so good, I usually tired and feel boring to reading after 5 to 6 pages, even if the topic is interesting.

Considered one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written; transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOS

First of all, In the first 25 minutes, while reading the first chapter Inside -out of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I find myself getting distracted by a WhatsApp message ringtone which was of my friend, I saw that from notification bar in which he asked something very important, so helplessly, I have to answer him immediately. Then after completion of 25 minutes, I go to eat a cake piece from my fridge as a reward for me :D, I took 5 minutes to break, and again I started reading for the next 25 minutes and at this time, I find myself more comfortable and more concentrated on the reading that I was like I deep down into the topic, I overwhelmed by this and got done a lot of topics in that time. Till the last 25 minutes rang on the stopwatch, I got completed 2 chapters of the book, then rewarded myself with my favorite chocolate, and took a break of 20 minutes.

This experiment was not so difficult and by this technique, I felt that my concentration has increased to a greater extent and I became an effective reader, while the breaks that I got refreshed more than before, and when I returned back to reading, I got more concentrated and enthusiatic. I trained myself that how many pages can I read in 25 minutes and how can I increase it.

Without this technique, usually, I was able to complete only 3 to 4 pages, and when I applied Pomodoro technique, I accomplished more completed 20 pages yayyy :D

And, for sure, I will apply this technique to my daily routine work too and will do more work in less time by making this as practice on every task