#JustStart your Goals

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
2 min readApr 2, 2021


SMART goal:

  1. I want to get a job, as a management trainee organization in any company by updating my CV and applying(filling the forms and uploading the CV) to different companies’ with 3 websites searching per day to whatever I see, giving interviews to them who called me for, by the end of these 3 months

How is it a SMART goal:

Specific: To achieve a job in a prestigious organization as a management trainee for experience gaining

Measurable: I will drop my CV to any job available on at least 3 websites per day

Attainable: Getting a job is not so impossible, rather there is some vacancy in every organization; generally, companies’ HR department calls for an interview

Realistic: Quite much realistic as many students of my batch got their ob already

Time-bound: I have 3 months for this

First, 3 task to do immediately, out of which 1 is that I will work to update on my CV this week, will include more skills that I recently did before

After that, I will find the most searched websites, on which, there is a traffic of jobs availability

Finally, I will upload my documentation, CV, and other requirements to for job seeking websites

So, my goal is to have a job at any organization which is related to Mechanical engineering, it's not necessary to be highly paid, just want to earn simply for myself, and for my family expenditures, also, I want to attain experience from this job, in order to grow in it

Some of the challenges that I faced is as due to low economy and fewer industries in Pakistan, the job market is not so much very developed, and due to covid situations, the market has fallen more down, this increased the shortage of jobs in the market, and I am just facing these challenges because of this

I learnt that I should be more consistent towards job searching, usually, I lack in it, I have worked somethings to make my CV good and eye-catching, and I have applied for a cover letter to my teacher of my department, and my next step is to find more websites and platforms on which I will upload my skills, CV, and cover letter on them