Amal Totkay For A Growth Mindset

Ahmed Murtuza Ali
4 min readApr 9, 2021


From early childhood, we usually come across the word ‘totkay’ from our grandparents and the T.V channels, which has the meaning to do something in a unique, quick, and different way, making your task effective and fast. Like if you want to glow your skin, you need to mix and make a solution of certain items, and if you want to have long and growing hair, you need that type of oil to be applied on your head, and this list goes on. Our famous chef “Zubaida Aapa” was much renowned for this. When you apply these ‘totka’ in your everyday life, you will feel more believing in yourself. Amal fellowship brings a lot of changes in me, like this fellowship give me so brilliant fellows, from whom I get feedback for my improvement, and I am now able to accept the changes for a better life.

So, given fr this week project, which is to write on ‘Amal totkay’ which highlights some basic tips to have a growth mindset

  1. Self-talk:

According to psychology, Self-talk and thinkings have a very impactful relation with your life and its action, If you set an opinion that I cannot do this task, and Its much difficult for me, your body processes according to your thinking message, and even if you are capable of doing it, you cant do it. To eradicate such negative thoughts that pushing you toward the back and keeping you in the comfort zone. I would like to mention here my example, After covid arises, I didn’t go out of my home for 10 months, just living in my bedroom for the whole day, so I got some serious mental issues, which is ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’, I cant meet people, can go anywhere. After going for talk therapy with my doctor, he changed my perspective on negative thinking and advised me to think positively always. So, self-talk is very crucial for your mental health too

2. Getting out of your comfort zone:

If I write about myself, my comfort zone was my bedroom, which I spend all day and night, It became so much boredom, and I felt like my comfort zone has become now my biggest enemy, I have to fight this behaviour, and I have to bring changes in me. Then I tried to push my boundaries to have an enjoyable and workable life

3. Create new habits:

After my therapy, and when my friends get to know about my situation, they rushed to me very quickly, picked me up, and take me out of my home, I visited many places with them, enjoyed different restaurant foods. All people in your life get too busy, they might help you in certain ways, but you have to do it by yourself, you know your weaknesses, so you can avoid them in the best possible way. So, I want to have creative things in my life, I made a habit of going outside regularly, reading books, waking up early, and the most important is taking admission to Amal academy, which is a part of my therapy too. New habit just changed my mindset from fixed to growth part and I am noting my new habits and writing it too in my diary

The three ‘R’ of habits

4. Ask people help:

Being an introverted person, It's very difficult for me to tell my problems to peoples, even to my friends too, due to which I suffered the most, and when I stepped up, telling them my whole situation, that how I was feeling at that time, My friends really helped me in all the ways out, which was so much unbelievable for me so much. When I was near recovering, I took them in trust, and ask them about my regular performance

5. Fake it till you make it:

Sometimes, there is a situation in your life when you think you cant do this, you can have this strategy of the growth mindset like I was facing social anxiety, but usually, I fake it by thinking that I don't have any problem, and I can do this like other peoples are doing and meeting with all others. So yes, it helped me a lot in that situation